Home, sweet home.

What's up guys! I'm finally home from my 6-week long vacation to Croatia! I am from Croatia, so I have a bunch of family out there. I got to see all my cousins and grandparents, so it was super cool! Now that we are back to reality, I started school yesterday and I start work today! I threw some new tires on my car, so I have been driving it a lot! I have been catching up with friends and eating all of my favorite foods! I am finalizing the designs for my automobile air fresheners and also some T-shirts for you guys! Thanks to all the supporters. Below will be some pictures I took with my I phone the past couple days! 




  • GHFQYWMP23E3W8GJTDU63FHG http://google.com/839

    GHFQYWMP23E3W8GJTDU63FHG http://google.com/839
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    GHFVSHIMNDQN2BKG6P93IFHG http://google.com/839
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    GHF9DPXHXK1ZQA7J24DQ8FHG http://google.com/839
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