Boost or Air

Whats up dudes! Today I am writing about a pair of shoes I picked up before my trip. I've been rocking Adidas boost for some time now, but I decided to pick up a pair of Racers for my trip. I decided on Racers since they are lightweight and perfect for hot weather. I have worn the shoes every single day since I bought them; they are very lightweight and perfect for traveling in my opinion. I love how open they are and that your feet can breathe. The only problem I see is the whole bottom potion of the shoe is becoming unglued. Really annoying. It keeps getting caught on things and rocks are always getting stuck. I've tried gluing it back 3 times already. I'm not sure if I was just unlucky with this pair, but in my opinion I believe they are very poorly put together. Especially for a retail price of $150 USD. Other than that shoes are okay, but I plan to stick with boost. Any boost shoe is basically like walking on a cloud. I've never had a problem. Ultra boost and NMD are my absolute favorite. Anyways, thanks for stopping by. P.S here's a picture of the Racers I bought. The photo was taken in Hungary! Ciao. 



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